Episode 14: Heart & Hip Opening Power Flow

This is a 65-minute Power Flow. This class focuses on opening the chest and the hips. Many a chest-expansion are offered, however, as always, they are optional. We start out slow, but don’t let that fool you. High-to-mid planks, committed holds, and flowing breath to movement will challenge you and bring you into your body. Sun Salutations A set the pace for the breath, and the practice quickly gains speed and intensity as we add standing power poses. We explore hip opening in different planes, with different effects of gravity. Balancing challenges are added to take your practice up a notch or to bring it down a few pegs, in case you are feeling overconfident. Dancing Shiva pose makes an appearance as our twisting peak, and Tree Leg Side Plank puts all of the hip opening, hip flexor preparation, and core engagement together. We wind down slowly and mindfully, offsetting external rotation of the femurs with neutral and then internal rotation, easing into Supine Twist Eagle Legs. This practice is a challenge, an exploration, a study in balance and flow. It is a chance to connect with the breath and to let it get you through anything that is placed in front of you. Enjoy!