Episode 15: Gentle (Not Gentle) Summer Flow

This is a 75-minute Gentle Flow. This class focuses on offsetting one postural affliction of the modern age – slumped shoulders that round forward, crowding the chest and leaving little space for an expansive heart. This class explores your wingspan through open arm twists in many body configurations – folding forward, on knees, standing, squatting, and lunging. The class begins slowly and thoughtfully. A luxurious start on the back leads into Sun Salutations A that calibrate the breath and warm up the body. The pace of Sun Salutations B is measured (read: slow burn). Long holds offer ample opportunities to set up, refine, and deepen your standing postures. Special attention is given to the foundations of poses: your hands and feet. Get ready to notice small details that have the capacity to change a pose completely. This class is not an anthology of poses, but the poses that are offered have been carefully selected and are covered in more detail, more color. I invite you to slow down your practice and to *notice* how each pose feels. Don’t be fooled by the name. You will work, and you will grumble to yourself about my calling this gentle. The pace is gentle. The rest is pure commitment to growing your practice on the mat. Enjoy!