Episode 13: Let Symmetry Guide You Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. The focus of this class is symmetry – front to back, side to side, to the front of the mat and to the back, clockwise and counter-clockwise. We explore all sides of the mat, and with them, all sides of the body. A fair share of hip opening and posterior chain activation comes into play as we hold, flow, and balance on the hands and on the feet. This class explores symmetry of movement, and you are invited to be a passenger on this yoga adventure. Let me drive, and just focus on the posture, the movement at hand. Worry not, you will be even and whole by the end. This is an exercise in trust and in restraint. The pace of this class is moderate, but it will make you work. Classic Sun Salutations A and B get a make-over, and not one Vinyasa transition (high-to-mid plank, up-dog, down-dog) makes an appearance. If you ever find yourself thinking that yoga classes have a formula, this may make you think otherwise. Flying Frog is one of our peak poses, and so is Tree Pose. An all-around core-activating segment invites every side of your torso to the party. You will feel well-worked. How can you not, when you have held a forearm plank? If you get easily bored, this class is for you. If you love routine, this class is also for you. You will feel at home while also discovering something new about your practice. Enjoy!