Episode 10: Lengthen & Twist Classic Flow

This is a 65-minute Classic Flow. This practice is as continuous of a flow as it will get. The special focus of the class is lengthening the sides of the torso and twisting more productively. Lengthening the sides and twisting go hand in hand, and we explore this dynamic relationship through a flowing practice grounded in a series of powerful standing poses. Moving through a variation of classic Sun Salutations A warms up the body, and special attention is given to waking up not only the front and back of the body, but also the side walls. Sun Salutations B continue to ignite the sides, while energizing the legs and opening the hips. The last series of standing poses work up to Revolved Triangle by way of Warrior 1 and Pyramid pose. A progression from Gate Pose to Modified Extended Half Moon presents the final challenge for the sides of the body, while allowing the heart rate to settle. Camel pose is the peak backbend offered in this practice, and it is intended to take advantage of the now supple side body walls. The descent into rest is restorative and slow, as always. If you are looking for a flow practice to take you out of your head and deliver you into your body and breath, this class is it. Enjoy!