Episode 9: Mandala Classic Flow

This is an 85-minute Classic Flow. Let’s start 2019 with a BANG and BIG dose of presence! The first practice of Season 2 is a special, extra-long well-rounded practice that opens the chest, inner thighs, and outer hips. This practice offers a luxurious opening that allows you to truly arrive and relish in how good it feels to just move on your mat. Rounds of Sun Salutations A introduce gentle back-bending and chest-opening and ignite the quads. Sun Salutations B fluidly move front to back on the mat and back again, offering full body engagement in standing poses. A special focus on inner thighs will make you smile, or at least notice that you have inner thighs. Crow pose flies by. Fly with it or keep your crow grounded. This is your practice. The next standing series puts it all together as we work up to Airplane pose (aka Warrior 3 Airplane Arms), Humble Warrior, Triangle, and end with the lusciously restorative Wide Leg Forward Fold. As we come down to the mat, more hip openers are offered -- one-legged and two-legged -- as well as some gentle twists. Bound Bridge pose draws on the warmth we have built in our thighs and completes our chest-opening, back-bending adventure. As the descend into stillness begins, a sense of deep well-being is bound* (yoga pun intended!) to wash over you. This class will make your body hum with gratitude, pure joy, and warmth. Enjoy!