Episode 11: Lunging Crescents Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. This well-rounded practice is built around the idea of squaring the hips and twisting from the mid-back. We open the shoulders, ignite the core, challenge the quads, glutes and hamstrings, and work on isolating spinal twists while keeping the hips level. Chest-opening and shoulder-waking Sun Salutations A give way to Sun Salutations B featuring Crescent Lunge and its core-challenging variations. Modified Pyramid Pose provides a hip-leveling check point as we flow and eventually becomes full Pyramid Pose. Revolved Half-Moon is the peak pose that we work towards and where we put it all together. This practice incorporates back-body work and offers poses for strengthening the spine. We wind down with a few reclined stretches that release tension in the hips and calm the nervous system. If you love Crescent Lunge, this is your practice. If you don’t love Crescent Lunge, this is your opportunity to flow through it and learn that discomfort is temporary and that your strength is infinite. Enjoy!