Episode 8: Triangles Everywhere Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. In this class we bring the magic of breath to movement to the forefront of our practice. Rounds of Sun Salutations A wake up the spine, the core, and the hip flexors. Repeated rounds of chair pose bring energy and warmth to the quads, preparing them for standing postures. Moving Sun Salutations B work up to triangle pose, and rounds of one-legged plank flow gently work the core while featuring breath front and center. Warrior 1 and pyramid pose continue to prepare the legs for our peak pose - revolved tringle, which wrings out tension while challenging the sense of balance. Gentle backbends sprinkled throughout the practice are welcome counterparts to all the forward bending (and also to living in a hunched-over world). A mellow half pigeon and easy seated forward fold ease tension in the hips and lengthen the sides of the body. This class offers repetition in rounds of poses to let you focus on your breath, to let it shine, to let it rejuvenate you. We make shapes in order to access the breath and the sense of presence here and now. This class is intended to feel like a moving meditation, a journey within - with breath as your guide. Enjoy!