Episode 5: Seal & Bow Power Flow

This episode is a 65-minute Power Flow. This flow is a yoga equivalent of legs and back day at the gym, only a lot more zen. Your quads will be challenged by many a chair and crescent lunge. Your back will grow taught as we flow through flying locust in repeating rounds of Sun Salutation A. A steady rhythm of energetic standing poses in this slow-burn-flow Sun Salutation B will keep you moving and breathing. Core work will help in our quest towards the peak and will give the legs a much-needed break. Eventually we work up to Standing Bow Pulling pose and Floor Bow as well as prepare for and test out Seal pose. No attachment to taking any of these, of course; they are just opportunities to take your flow one step further if you wish. Towards the end of class we slip into a restful state of body and mind. Your effort and movement are rewarded with release and stillness. In this class I invite you to practice out of intention rather than out of habit. Some unusual transitions may come up, and I encourage you to resist muscle memory and to let my voice guide you. This class is the ultimate opportunity to go with the flow. Perhaps you can take this attitude with you off your mat. And who couldn’t use more flowing and less resisting in their day-to-day? Enjoy!