Episode 4: Mermaid Prep Power Flow

This episode is a 60-minute Power Flow. If you are feeling vital and powerful today, this is the practice for you. If you are feeling bleh and meh-meh today, this is also the practice for you. You simply cannot go wrong with this flow because it will bring you into your power and into the present moment. You may discover that you can indeed pause in your mid-plank for a full breath with great form. Sun salutations will build on one another, and you will seamlessly reach new depths in your holds and new grace in your flow. This class offers a full-body workout, along with a chance to deepen your half pigeon with a mermaid pose variation. We will flow, we will glow, then we will settle down and rest. This class offers a challenging flow with numerous opportunities to take it up a notch. Hello, single-leg bridge pose! No matter how far you choose to go, you will feel successful and strong. We will challenge our legs, core, upper body, and, as always, we will take time to slow down. We make shapes, so we may be still. And still you will be at the end of it all. When you wake from savasana, you may feel a sudden urge to conquer the world. Go for it! You are powerful!