Episode 6: Supported Half Moon Gentle Flow

This is a 56-minute Gentle Flow. Allow the intentional flow and gentle pace of this class to draw you deep into your practice. Enjoy ample time to set up your poses and take them to your edge. I invite you to open your heart and shoulders and to explore the strength of your side walls and your obliques. In this practice I offer a flowing Sun Salutation A and Vinyasa-style Sun Salutation B. A break for the legs brings core strength to the forefront of your practice and calls you to challenge your center – everything from your upper abdominals to inner thighs. Forearm planks make a brief appearance, as do forearm side-planks. The last standing series puts it all together with Supported Half-Moon/Sugarcane option. Enjoy a gradual wind-down and notice your heart rate slow down as you lay back onto the mat. This gentle flow has a little bit of everything (hello heart, shoulders, sides, hips, ankles) and a whole lot of mindful presence. Make it what you need today. This is YOUR practice. Enjoy!