Episode 7: Glutes & Outer Hips Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. In this class we address glutes and outer hips with strengthening and lengthening postures. Take this flow at your own pace and bring mindfulness to all repetitions of the offered poses. Instead of just getting through it, challenge yourself to be present and fully immersed in the journey. The destination is secondary, while the journey is the whole point. Echoes of poses you have seen earlier in the class show up later with a twist. Enjoy them! Welcome them! Take them up a notch, if you wish. After a gentle waking of the spine in Sun Salutation A without any chaturanga pushups, we move into a dynamic flow of standing postures in Sun Salutation B and belly-down core work which targets all three layers of the glutes; all I ask is that you follow along mindfully, feeling each movement rather than rushing through it. Gentle twisting in the mid-back paired with spine-lengthening concludes the ‘hard work’ portion of class, and after we take it down to the mat with Half-Pigeon (which can always be substituted with a reclined figure four stretch on each side), the ultimate hip and glute release. A few more relaxing stretches prepare your body for slowing down and going deep in Savasana. Enjoy!