Episode 17: Fall into Breath Classic Flow

This is a 60-minute Classic Flow. Simply put, this class is a moving pranayama practice. We link breath and movement, breathing and moving continuously for most of the practice. The goal of the class is to cultivate an evenness of breath while minimizing setup instructions and unnecessary talking. Have you ever been in a yoga class where you are sucking wind the whole time due to the whirlwind pace of the practice? Well, yep, so have I. This kind of class is missing out on the biggest element of yoga – an even, steady BREATH. While we lengthen many parts of the body during asana practice, lengthening the breath is the most important element of any Vinyasa Flow (cue my breath-centric soap-box). To breathe evenly, continuously, steadily is to remain centered. As we practice on our mat, we develop the ability to take this breath with us into challenging situations off the mat that leave us holding in exhales, stifling our power, and feeling off-kilter. Can you keep an even and steady breath at the very bottom of Chaturanga Dandasana? Or is it your pattern to rush through it to minimize the challenge? There is no fast-forwarding through the difficult parts of life, but we can certainly strive to meet them from a centered, steady place.


This practice focuses on back-bending and hip extension. Eventually we arrive at Wheel Pose, then keep on going to a juicy wind-down and rest in Savasana. Sun Salutations A take a progressive flow approach to classic lunging salutations. Sun Salutations B flow continuously and focus on the inseam and back line of the legs. Expect to lengthen the side seams of the torso with twists and to strengthen them with side planks. This is an all-around kind of practice. You would be hard-pressed to call it over-cued. You may find yourself fully aware of your breath as you go on about your day afterwards. You may find yourself being fully aware of the present moment. And isn’t that the heart of yoga? Enjoy!